Enrollment in Internship Course 

Steps to be enrolled in the Internship Course: Students cannot enroll themselves in this section. 

  • Review the Internship Requirements and Major requirements to determine if you are eligible for internship credit.

  • Earn 1 to 6 internship course units in PA 393, PA 493, POL 393. Honors credit is available. 

  • Secured an internship? Work with your internship site supervisor to complete a work plan and apply for internship credit.

  • Submit the work plan online below before the beginning of the enrollment semester or summer session in PDF format.

  • When the work plan is submitted, the SGPP Internship Coordinator will review the work plan and, if approved, will enroll students in the course once registration for the desired term opens.

  • Students cannot enroll in PA 393, PA 493, and POL 393 in UAccess. The instructor will enroll you in the course after reviewing your work plan.

  • Pay UA course tuition and check your UAccess schedule for enrollment accuracy.

  • Once enrolled in PA 393, PA 493, and POL 393, review the course D2L page, the syllabus, assignments, and course announcements. No textbook is required in the course, and there are no in-person class meetings.

  • Complete your internship and course assignments to fulfill your internship requirement.


Spring 2023 -  Deadline to apply: January 8, 2024. The Spring session is 16 weeks. Students can earn internship credit from January 10 - May 1. 

Law majors - please check with Linus Kafka, in the BA in Law office, about law internship options.

Internship Timeframe:

UA Internship Policies advise that students must complete their internships within the permitted academic session. Students are responsible for ensuring they complete their internship hours within the academic session they are enrolled. Please review the timelines below. 

Spring 2023 - January 10 - May 1
Students completing their internships in the Spring can earn internship credit from January 10 - May 1.  Please schedule your internship schedule with your internship site accordingly. Any hours worked before January 10 or after May 1 is not eligible for academic credit, and no exceptions will be made while enrolled in the course. 

Apply for Internship Credit:

Submit your SGPP Internship Work Plan below in pdf. format.  Download Adobe Acrobat to complete your work plan. Please do not attach images or a Word document. If you are attaching multiple files, please draft and upload a combined PDF in Adobe Acrobat.
Please note that you can only earn internship hours during the academic session (review the Deadline and Timeframe section). Review the academic session dates with your internship site supervisor and arrange your internship schedule accordingly. 
Any hours worked at your internship before or after the academic session will not be counted towards academic credit, and no exceptions will be made while you are enrolled in the internship course. Please ensure you have read this entire webpage and reviewed the work plan deadlines before submitting your work plan. 


Submit the SGPP work plan online by the deadline (see above). Indicate the session (Summer, Fall, Spring) and how many units you want to complete. Your work plan will be reviewed, and if approved, you will be enrolled in the internship (section 001).
Please allow the SGPP department up to two weeks to process your work plans. In addition, please do not email your Internship Coordinator your work plan, as your Internship Coordinator will check the portal regularly and enroll you in the course accordingly. 


Contact Laureana Jones, laureanajones@arizona.eduthe SGPP Internship Coordinator for more information.