Steps to be Enrolled in Internship Course


Due to the evolving situation with the Covid-19 virus, we are not certain exactly how the summer internship experience will look, but students will have a path for completing their internship requirement over the summer. 

For now, students can move forward applying to internships, and agencies can interview students remotely, for possible in-person summer internships. In-person summer internships can possibly begin on July 1st. The exact date for the beginning of in-person summer internships will be announced on May 1st. It is a possibility that there will be no in-person internships this summer.

Students can still go forward completing and submitting the online SGPP Internship Work Plan. After a review of the Work Plan, students will be enrolled for the summer internship. If students are unable to participate in person, the internship course will be completed through engagement in career development curriculum online.

We are currently working with Tucson nonprofit organizations and government agencies to find out which ones will be able to offer at least a portion of their internship remotely this summer. Once we have a list of these agencies, we will post them on the website and in the SGPP Weekly Bureau-Cat Online Newsletter.

Students who are unable to find summer internships and are due to graduate in August 2020 will be enrolled in the internship course and will complete career related course content for their internship requirement.

Summer internship courses will begin June 8th for the 10 week session ending August 12th.

Agencies and organizations may want to consider allowing students to do some (or all) of their internship remotely, if possible, especially during the month of June.

Due to the uncertain nature of the summer internships, sophomore and juniors are encouraged to postpone seeking internships, until further information is forthcoming.

Updates will appear on our SGPP internship website, in the student online newsletter, and in email messages as summer internship plans are solidified by the University and the School of Government & Public Policy.

Thank you for your patience.


Steps to Complete to Enroll in Internship Course

  1. Secure an internship (see the main internship page for information)
  2. Complete the SGPP Internship Work Plan with your site supervisor
  3. Submit your Work Plan online, below, before the beginning of the enrollment semester or summer session.

SUMMER 2020 INTERNSHIP SESSION - June 8 - August 12, 2020

For Summer 2020, all students will be enrolled in the 10 week summer session. Students may:

  • Choose to complete your internship quickly and finish at any point during the 10 weeks.
  • Start your internship at any point in the 10 weeks (as long as you get your Work Plan submitted by June 8th).
  • Extend your internship past the August 12 deadline, if you request an “I” ahead of time.

SUMMER INTERNSHIPS: In order to be enrolled in a SUMMER internship course, students must submit Work Plans before the deadline -  June 8th, 2020.

FALL INTERNSHIPS: In order to be enrolled in a FALL internship course, students must submit Work Plans before the deadline -  August 24th, 2020.

Go to our internship portal to upload and submit your Work Plan.



Contact Susan Warrenthe SGPP Internship Coordinator for more information or view her availability on Trellis.