We host a number of workshop series and meetings to provide an opportunity to advance research and foster collaborations.

Works-in-Progress Series

We host a workshop to highlight ongoing research open to all areas of public affairs and political science. Speakers include our faculty and graduate students, plus scholars from around the world. The series is coordinated by Alex Braithwaite.

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Pizza and Politics

We provide Ph.D. students with a bi-weekly forum for workshopping their latest research. Each session provides students with an opportunity to improve their work while, at the same time, practicing professional skills such as providing constructive feedback. The series is hosted by Jeff Kucik.

Conflict Research Group

Faculty and Ph.D. students in SGPP and affiliated units meet periodically to discuss new research on political and criminal violence, rebellion, insurgency and counterinsurgency. Meetings occasionally include invited speakers from across campus and from outside of the UA.

Environmental Policy Reading Group

Faculty and Ph.D. students in SGPP convene periodically to discuss new research ideas on a variety of topics related to environmental policy and sustainability.

Workshops and Mini-Conferences

Each academic session, SGPP is host to and sponsor of a number of academic workshops and mini conferences. Over recent years, this has included events focused upon American politics, collaborative governance, mixed methods, nonviolent civil resistance, and refugees and forced migration.