B.S. Public Affairs (Formerly Public Management & Policy)

Bachelor of Science

Public Affairs

(Formerly Public Management & Policy)


Study how public and nonprofit organizations are managed, financed, and organized, and how public policies are made and implemented at the local, state, and federal levels.

About the Major

The Public Affairs major will prepare you for managerial and administrative positions in local, state, or federal government and nonprofit agencies. This major is also a great starting point if you are interested in graduate study in law, specialized planning, or public administrative.

You'll learn core skills sets such as leadership and ethics, public and nonprofit management, and formation of public policy.

Areas of Study

You may pursue one of three areas to concentrate your studies::

  • Environmental Policy
  • Public Management
  • Public Policy

See Degree Requirements

Internship Requirement

Public Affairs (formerly titled Public Management & Policy) majors are required to complete an internship as part of their major. Learn more about the internship process.

Career Pathways

A major in Public Affairs will help you qualify for many different careers in public sector organizations, including:

  • law enforcement
  • national security
  • local, state, and federal government
  • nonprofit organizations
  • environmental policy
  • health care policy 

Many of our graduates have attained positions in local, state, and federal government agencies, nonprofit organizations, political campaigns and offices, and businesses. Our graduates have also gone on to attain advanced degrees in law, public policy, sociology, public administration, social work, and political science.