About SGPP

Brint Milward, Director
Melody S. Robidoux Foundation Fund Chair

When we talk about the School of Government and Public Policy at the University of Arizona being a “new model for public affairs education” what do we mean?

First, we are a multi-disciplinary school. We like to say that on our campus, we have a “broad portfolio” of programs and degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We offer degrees in political science, including American politics, international relations, public administration, public policy, international security studies, and criminal justice studies. We offer certificates in Collaborative Governance and International Security Studies.
Second, we are a school with strong civic values. Civic leadership and civil discourse are at the heart of our undergraduate programs. Our goal is to train citizens for effective participation in public affairs in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors in ways that enrich our democratic political system, market economy, and civil society. We believe that it is critical to have a school and graduates comfortable in working in an increasingly diverse society. We are very pleased that so many of our graduates have found fulfilling jobs as city managers, heads of state government agencies, and leaders of nonprofit organizations, but we are also proud of our graduates who serve on community boards, run for elective office, and volunteer in their communities. Above all else, we want our graduates to be effective citizens as well as highly competent professionals.
Third, we are a school with a broad scope. We are one of the two largest schools at the University of Arizona with 4 undergraduate degrees, 2 master’s degrees, and a PhD program. We have 2200 undergraduate majors and are growing. We are the largest unit in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) and one in every three students in SBS is a major in one of our degree programs.
Fourth, we are student centered. College is an expensive proposition and we believe that our undergraduate students should have excellent teaching, effective advising, many opportunities for community engagement, and exposure to creative scholarship from our nationally known faculty. We have dedicated advisors who find internships, community placements, and study abroad opportunities for our majors. The Melody S. Robidoux Foundation has created an endowment to support student travel. We have an award winning Model United Nations Club and we offer the Spencer Applied Ethics Program to selected undergraduates. Our Rombach Institute provides scholarships for students in criminal justice.
Fifth, our school is nationally known and professionally engaged. We host the National Institute for Civil Discourse chaired by President George Herbert Walker Bush and President Bill Clinton. Two members of our faculty are members of the prestigious National Academy of Public Administration. We host the International Studies Association with its 5800 members all over the world. We publish the Journal of Politics, one of the top political science journals. We offer a nationally ranked Master’s degree in Public Administration in a convenient downtown location in the evening. We were among the first schools in the country to be accredited and we rank 13th in public administration management and 21st in nonprofit management. The National Research Council ranked our PhD program in the top 20, and political science placed more of its graduates in academic positions than any other department in the U.S.
Sixth, this is a school where the faculty engages in cutting edge scholarship. Our faculty consists of leaders in their fields in critical areas like Peace Studies, Social and Organizational Networks, Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability, Collaborative Governance and Terrorism. 
I invite you to explore this broad portfolio of programs and consider joining the School of Government and Public Policy.
~Brint Milward, Director