B.A. Political Science

Bachelor of Arts

Political Science


Explore the processes, principles, and structures of government and political institutions in the United States and in countries around the world.

About the Major

Political science is the study of government, public policy, and the political behavior of individuals and groups. The discipline uses both humanistic and scientific perspectives to examine the United States, international relations, and all countries and regions of the world.

You will begin your studies in survey courses on American political institutions, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory. These courses not only introduce you to concepts in politics, policy issues, government structure, and the relationships among societies and nations, but they also impart analytical and communication skills. Further study of political science includes advanced courses on more specific institutions, policies, and aspects of political life throughout the world.

The Political Science major assumes no special background or technical expertise beyond a general knowledge of civics and government. Most political science courses involve a substantial writing component, so you should be prepared to write clearly and coherently

Areas of Study

You may pursue one of seven areas to concentrate your studies:

Career Pathways

A degree in Political Science can help you qualify for many different careers in private and public sector organizations, including careers in:

  • business
  • law
  • local, state and federal government
  • journalism
  • international organizations and finance
  • political campaigns
  • interest groups
  • teaching (primary, secondary and college levels)

Political science training also provides valuable preparation for participation in community organizations, electoral politics, social movements, and even those seeking elected or appointed positions.