Political Science: Foreign Affairs Concentration


  • 1st year composition (ENGL 101 and ENGL 102, or ENGL 109H, or ENGL 107 and ENGL 108, or equivalent transfer courses)
  • Math 107 or higher, or equivalent transfer courses (math substitutions not accepted)
  • 6th semester second language proficiency required

General Education

  • 6 units Tier 1 Individuals & Societies – 150
  • 6 units Tier 1 Traditions & Cultures – 160
  • 6 units Tier 1 Natural Sciences – 170
  • 3 units Tier 2 Arts
  • 3 units Tier 2 Humanities
  • 3 units Tier 2 Natural Sciences
  • 3 units Diversity


A minor is required for this program. Minors typically are 18-21 units.

See list of UA minor options

Core Courses

  • Complete 5 courses

Required courses:

National and international economic issues. An introduction to economic analysis.
General survey of the constitutional bases, organization, and functioning of the American national government; recent and current trends.
An introductory course in the fundamentals of modern statistics with applications and examples in the social and behavioral sciences. Topics include: methods for describing and summarizing data, probability, random sampling, estimating population parameters, significance tests, contingency tables, simple linear regression, and correlation.

Introductory Concentration courses:

Study of the international system, its actors and their capabilities; ends and means of foreign policy; international tension, conflict, and cooperation.
Survey of the major political systems and analysis of comparative political concepts, with a view to preparation for more advanced study.

Foreign Affairs Concentration Electives

  • Required to complete an academic international experience or internationally-oriented internship
  • Choose 5 courses (15 units)
  • At least 6 units must be completed through UA
  • No more than 6 units can be approved cross-listed courses
  • See the major checklist for current course options and details
  • Additional upper division courses from this list beyond the 5 required courses can be used as SGPP electives

Additional Electives

  • Choose 3 courses (9 units)
  • Up to 6 units can come from POL internship units
  • See the major checklist for current course options and details