Internship Requirements

Internship Process - Secure an internship with a government or nonprofit agency

Finding an internship is similar to the process of securing employment. By applying to internships, students will practice job application skills needed to enter the job market post-graduation. You need to contact organizations of interest and apply for an internship in the same way that you would a job.

Students are responsible for finding internships with government or nonprofit agencies. Internships with private-sector employers or political campaigns are not eligible for internship credit. Please review the information below to familiarize yourself with the internship process. 

Internship Waiver:

If you are a Veteran or ROTC student and completed the summer leadership training or have previous or current full-time professional experience with a government or nonprofit agency, you may be eligible to apply for an internship waiver. For more information, see below. 


Spring 2024 - Submit Work Plans on the Apply page starting October 2023. Deadline to apply: January 8, 2024. The Spring semester is 16 weeks. Students can earn internship credit from January 10 - May 1. Any hours worked before January 10 or after May 1 are not eligible for academic credit. 

Law majors - please check with Linus Kafka, in the BA in Law office, about law internship options.

Requirements by Major

  • Criminal Justice (CJS) majors are REQUIRED to complete a 3 unit internship course (PA 493). Up to 6 internship credits can count toward major elective credit.
  • Public Management & Policy (PMPC) majors are REQUIRED to complete a 3 unit internship course (PA 393).  Up to 6 internship credits  can count toward major elective credit.
  • CJS & PMPC double majors must complete an internship for each major. 
  • Political Science majors & SGPP minors are encouraged to enroll in internships for upper division elective credit (POL 393).
  • Law majors will enroll in internships through the B.A in Law office. Contact Linus Kafka, Assistant Director, Careers and Outreach, to receive internship enrollment information

How to Receive Academic Internship Credit:

  • Review the Internship Eligibility and Major Requirements below, and determine your eligibility for internship credit. 

  • Find Internships related to career interests on the SGPP websiteHandshake, USAJOBS, GovernmentJobs, or use a search engine to research internships in your preferred area.

  • Select 3-5 internships to apply for and prepare your application materials, such as a resume or cover letter. Submit error-free applications to make your application competitive. Refer to the UA Student Engagement and Career Development resume and cover letter resources for assistance.

  • Interview and secure your internship. If you are selected for an interview, review the agency's website and familiarize yourself with the agency's Mission, Vision, and Purpose.

  •  Apply for internship credit and carefully follow the directions. 

Eligibility Requirements

To receive academic credit for an internship, you must:

  • Be an SGPP major or minor
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Completed at least one semester at UA
  • Have earned 30 or more credits (freshman not eligible for internship credit.)

SGPP Internship Credit

SGPP internship course credit is only given for approved internships with 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations or government agencies. Credit can be earned for participation in both paid and unpaid internships.

  • One unit of academic credit is awarded for 40 hours of internship work 
  • For a 3 credit internship, students will be required to intern 120 hours on-site 
  • Internship hours must be completed within the designated dates of your course enrollment.
  • No retroactive internship credit will be granted.

International Students

International students must apply for and receive Curricular Practical Training approval from International Student Services before participating. More information can be found on the International Student Services website under F-1 Student Employment: Curricular Practical Training.

Internship Waiver

Criminal Justice Studies and Public Management & Policy majors may request to waive their 3 credit internship requirement and replace it with a 3 credit upper division class in their major if the following criteria apply:

  • The student is currently working 30 + hours/week in a professional capacity at a public sector organization.  The job is ongoing and permanent (not a summer job), and the student has worked at least six months at the job.
  • The student can provide proof of working previously in a full-time professional position at a public sector organization clearly related to the student’s major for at least six months.
  • The student is active duty military and works in a role related to their major.
  • The student is a veteran and served four years active duty in a role related to their major.
  • The student is a ROTC student and recently completed leadership training.
  • The job description shows clear relevance to the student’s major.

Contact Laureana, the SGPP Internship Coordinator for more information. 


Contact SGPP Coordinator Laureana Jones for guidance and assistance (