Employers - SGPP Internship Recruitment Information

Employers - SGPP Internship Recruitment Information

Students at the School of Government and Public Policy are knowledgable on a variety of government, nonprofit, and policy issues. Contact SGPP Internship Coordinator Laureana Jones (laureanajones@arizona.edu) for information on how to submit an internship posting on our website to attract highly qualified students. 

Employers can provide a description of their organization, directions for applying to the internship, and additional information to help drive applications.

More Information on Student Internship Requirements

A student must complete hours on-site while enrolled in an internship course to earn academic credit during an internship. A student must work 40 hours to earn one academic credit. Students are also required to complete coursework in addition to completing internship hours. 

Please review the SGPP Internship Manual for a comprehensive overview of internships within the department.

Once a student secures an internship with your organization, they are required to enroll in the SGPP internship course by completing a work plan. The internship site supervisor's signature is required on the work plan, and the student will submit the work plan to enroll in the course. 

Students will begin their internship on the first day of the academic session until the last day of the academic session (information below). 

When students actively intern with an organization, students must complete two reports (a mid-term and final report) detailing their internship experience. Students will request to meet with their internship site supervisors twice during the semester to review their performance. Please note that supervisor feedback is a significant portion of the student's grade.

Spring Session 2024

The Spring 2024 session will occur from January 10 - May 1

Students must submit work plans by January 8


Contact SGPP Internship Coordinator Laureana Jones (laureanajones@arizona.edu).