Travel Stipend

SGPP students may apply to receive a travel expense stipend for academic conferences, out-of-state & international internships, study abroad programs, and student exchange programs.

Eligible Expenses 

  • Airfare: SGPP has increased the maximum stipend amount available for Domestic and International Flights; these new maximums are available for travel beginning in Summer 2024.
    • For Domestic Flights: Maximum of $750.00
    • For International Flights: Maximum of $1500.00
  • Conference Registration Fees 
    • Maximum of $500


You must meet the following requirements to apply for stipends/reimbursements: 

  • You must be a declared SGPP major (Law, Criminal Justice Studies, Public Affairs, or Political Science)
  • Junior or Senior status (minimum of 60 credits completed) with a 2.25 GPA or higher
  • Paying SGPP Program fees.
  • Be accepted into program before applying for stipend
  • Individual student awards may not exceed $2500 total over the course of their time in an SGPP major. 
  • Purpose of travel must be relevant to your major or earning a degree for your major in the School of Government and Public Policy.
  • Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to departure
  • Study Abroad or International Internship students must be enrolled in that course for the semester for which they are seeking a stipend
  • Students traveling internationally will be asked to register their trip with the university (instructions to complete this step will be provided once funding is awarded)
  • You must be attending the UA main campus (completing an LOA for program is acceptable) 
  • You will be held to the Student Code of Conduct standards while representing the UA at off-campus events/locations.

All stipends/reimbursements are credited to the your Bursars Account. Any deficits on the Bursars account will be satisfied before a refund will be issued. 

How to Apply 

Do not wait until the last day to submit online applications! Incomplete or late applications will not be considered for funding

  1. Complete the Online Application
    As part of your application, you will need to upload the following documents: 
    • Brief statement answering the following questions (250 words): 
      How is this program relevant to your major in the School of Government and Public Policy?
      How will this program will help you achieve your future professional interests? 
    • Résumé - including current education, career, scholarship and volunteer experience
  2. Submit supporting documents to Sabryna Jaimez: 
    The following documents must be submitted:
    • Original airfare receipt showing itinerary and proof of purchase (this must include the total payment and the last four digits of the credit card used as payment).
    • Original conference registration receipt showing proof of purchase (if applicable) 
    • Proof of program registration or acceptance (see examples below)
      • Academic Conference: Copy of conference registration, as well as a conference flyer or other information from conference website. 
      • Internships: Copy of completed internship application or letter from internship organization verifying acceptance 
      • Study Abroad: Copy of study abroad confirmation letter/email or copy of letter stating you have been accepted into study abroad program (via the UA or other University). 
      • Student Exchange: Copy of transfer credit pre-approval form (must be signed by academic advisor and registrar) or copy of letter stating you have been accepted into a student exchange program

All materials must be emailed to Sabryna Jaimez: All application materials must be received at least 30 days prior to the student's depature.

All student stipends are contingent on availability of funds.