SGPP Textbook Scholarship

Need help paying for textbooks? Apply for an SGPP scholarship to cover the cost!

About the SGPP Textbook Scholarship

Beginning in Fall 2023 the SGPP Textbook Scholarship will be available to students for use towards the cost of the Pay One Price Program. The SGPP Textbook Scholarship will be awarded to selected students as a single $250.00 stipend.

How to Apply

The Spring 2024 SGPP Textbook Scholarship application will close at 8:00am on January 31, 2024.

Students must meet eligibility requirements (see below). All application materials must be submitted on time to be considered.

Apply Here

Application Deadline: January 31, 2024

Scholarship Eligibility

To apply for an SGPP Textbook Scholarship you must be:

  • Studying Political Science, Law, Criminal Justice Studies, or Public Management and policy in the School of Government & Public Policy at the University of Arizona

  • A Junior or senior (60 credits minimum)

  • Have a minimum 2.25 GPA

  • Paying Program Fees to the School of Government & Public Policy

Scholarship Value

$250.00 maximum

  • Funding will be applied as a stipend to a student's Bursars account

  • Funding will be awarded on the basis of financial need, academic achievement, and/or potential for educational & career success.