MPP Alumni Spotlight: Zach Stout, '22

Sept. 28, 2022
Zach Stout, '22

Zach is completed his Master in Public Policy in Summer 2022 and is currently pursuing a Master of Legal Studies, concentrating in Law and Economics. He is also an advocate for criminal justice reform and a staunch proponent of higher education for currently & formerly incarcerated persons (FIP). As a FIP himself, Zach knows firsthand the benefits that earning a college degree can provide to members of this community. For example, the MPP program has increased Zach’s analytical skillset, equipping him with the tools and confidence to succeed despite his incarceration. The program’s quantitative emphasis has piqued Zach’s interest concerning the intersection of data analytics and public policy, leading to his next endeavor, studying computer science at UPenn.

In November, Zach was awarded the 2021 Centennial Achievement Award which is presented by the Dean of Students Office and the Graduate College.  The award is presented to graduate students for their outstanding achievement and perseverance in overcoming obstacles; undergraduate students also receive an award for integrity, persistence and community engagement.  A full article from the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences can be found at, where Zach and 3 other SBS students received the award this year.

Zach attributes his success to his mother, Marcia, and his fiancé, Lauren.

Congratulations and Bear Down Zach!