MPA Spotlight: Sarah Denman

April 25, 2024
Sarah Denman

My journey in public service began during my time at Baylor University, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations. Since then, I have actively engaged in volunteer work and gained valuable professional experience in case and project management, laying the foundation for my career in the public sector. 

After gaining substantial experience in the workforce, I decided to further my education in order to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in government. With a deep-seated desire to make a meaningful impact and contribute to society, I volunteered with the International Rescue Committee as a Case Management Victim & Survivor Services volunteer, later advancing to the role of Survivors of Torture Support Project Associate under AmeriCorps. I continued building my career in my targeted sector through internships, such as the Economic Development Specialist Intern with Pima County, as well as my current position as a Municipal Management Intern/Fellow within the City of Tucson City Manager's Office. As the Vice-President of the UA ICMA Student Chapter and an active member of esteemed organizations like the Arizona Association for Economic Development and The Junior League of Tucson, I remain committed to making a meaningful difference in my community. 

As I prepare to graduate, I reflect on the balancing act of being a mother to three beautiful girls, a dedicated student, and a working professional. These experiences have profoundly shaped my personal and professional growth. 

Here’s to a bright future for all my MPA classmates and the MPA graduating class of 2024! Cheers to the journey ahead!