MPA Alumni Spotlight: Marcus Hastings, '21

Dec. 14, 2021
Marcus Hastings, '21

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Marcus received his Bachelor of Science from Southern Utah University with a major in Criminal Justice and a double minor in Legal Studies/Political Science. He recently graduated from the MPA program at the University of Arizona in May 2021.

Pursuing an MPA has directed Marcus in the right direction to become successful in the world of higher education. The MPA has taught how to manage conflicts, talk to people from different backgrounds, and overall build many leadership qualities/skills. The close-knit community that the MPA program provided allowed Marcus to become more hands-on when learning those said skills. In November 2021, Marcus began serving as the Assistant Director of Graduate Student Recruitment at Arizona State University in the W.P. Carey School of Business. 

Aside from his professional and academic background, Marcus was also a full-time athlete throughout his entire collegiate career. He is a Big Sky Conference Champion in High Jump when he was attending Southern Utah University. His passions also include photography, making music, podcasting, and modeling. Currently, Marcus hosts his own podcast show called "Docseason" and also hosted a few other radio shows once before. He is very active in the community promoting social justice and educating the greater public on social issues that affect our everyday lives. In the future, he hopes to one day impact his community in a way that will benefit others short term and long term.