MPA Alumni Spotlight: Brendan Lyons '19

July 23, 2020
Brendan Lyons '19

University of Arizona Grad Student is Driving-Down Distracted-Driving. 

Brendan Lyons, a MPA Alumni with the School of Government and Public Policy was featured on Arizona 360, discussing the state of distracted driving(link is external), which aired on PBS. Arizona 360 is a weekly public affairs show that offers analysis and context about issues that directly affect Arizonans. 

Brendan Lyons knows what it means to "BEAR-DOWN" and serve.
He has served Southern Arizona as a career firefighter. Now, he is pursuing a Master's In Public Administration, while at the same time serving as the Executive Director for LOOK! Save A Life(link is external); a local non-profit aimed at the safety and awareness of all who utilize our public roads.  Additionally, Brendan serves as an Honorary Commander at Davis Monthan Air-force Base assigned to the 25th Operational Weather Squadron.

Lyons is one of the main proponents for the recent bans on texting while driving and is a true stand out in this community. He has a great vision for bringing awareness to the growing epidemic and health crisis stemming from distracted driving. Brendan has been working to pass a statewide distracted driving law ever since he was laid up in a hospital bed in October 2013, after a motorist nearly ended his life, striking him at 45mph, as he was bicycling.

Besides that, he is has been named “Hometown Hero” by Davis Monthan Air Force Base and the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.
Honored as one of Tucson’s Top 40 Under 40. Has been named the “Dedication-Recipient” and “Man-of-the-Year” for El Tour de Tucson. 

As a public speaker, he shares his story of survival, overcoming obstacles and making the most of life. Brendan Lyons is a great reminder for us all to "BEAR-DOWN!!" and to stay off our phone while driving.

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