2023 Hacktivate Mesa Competition

May 18, 2023
Hacktivate Mesa Awardees

Hacktivate Mesa is a two-day experience for local area high school students to discover, study, analyze and present data about an issue or challenge facing our community. 100 participants will form up to 18 teams and tackle the challenges together as a group. Team presentations are judged, and the winners receive exciting prizes. Participation in this one of a kind event to helps promote data science, STEM, critical thinking, problem solving, presentation skills, community pride, and so much more. This event is run by the City of Mesa and the Mesa Public Schools, and this year's competition included participants from the University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University.

Many congratulations to Bethany Kasprzyk and Cecilia Horvick for their successful win on this competition!  They not only represented the University of Arizona and the MPA program, but they also represented their outstanding research and recommendations for homelessness and affordable housing for the City of Mesa.