MPA Career Development

The Master of Public Administration is the most versatile professional degree for students entering the nonprofit and government sectors. An MPA from the School of Government and Public Policy prepares students to work in the fields of local government and nonprofit management, public and nonprofit financial management, criminal justice or healthcare administration, natural resource management, among other fields in the public and non-profit sectors.

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Preparing You For Your Future in the Public Sector

The School of Government and Public Policy is dedicated to ensuring students receive hands-on career training throughout their program of study. All MPA students are required to complete a 3 credit/135 hour on-the-job internship experience. Students have been placed in internship positions at the municipal, state and federal government, with nonprofit organization and international agencies. For more information on internships and internship waivers, visit the MPA internships page.

Students are also encouraged to visit the University of Arizona’s Graduate Center and Office of Student Engagement and Career Development to learn more about career development workshops, on-campus interviews, and career fairs. This department also offers a full complement of resume writing, networking, interviewing techniques and other career development services.

These career development opportunities ensure our students have a better understanding of the political environment, leadership potential, and overall work performance than employees with other professional degrees.

General Career Placement Data

2021-2022 MPA Post Grad Employment

The 2021-2022 graduating class's job placement, taken 6 months after graduation:

  • Local Government: 14%
  • U.S. Government Agency (State or Federal): 38%
  • Nonprofit: 21%
  • Private Sector: 10%
  • Other: 3%
  • Unknown: 14%

NASPAA Graduation and Employment Data