MPP Dual Degrees

The School of Government & Public Policy participates in dual degree program options available for MPP students! Each of these dual programs uniquely prepare graduates for positions in a variety of public, private, and non-profit organizations. 

Pursuing a dual degree program requires admission to each program (2 applications of admission).

Dual Degree Options

The MPP/JD program prepares students for a public service career that emphasizes in policy and law. This dual degree program allows students to share 15 units of coursework toward both the MPP and JD degree requirements. The total units required for an MPP is 42, whereas 88 units are required for the JD program.

MPP students participating in this dual degree will only need to complete 24 units of core coursework and 3 units of capstone. Elective coursework will be completed under the Law program and applied toward the MPP degree requirements as indicated on the Master's Plan of Study. In total, the duration of the program should be completed within four years.

It is recommended that students begin in their first year under the JD program so they may apply completed MPP coursework towards both degree programs. Below is a sample plan of study:

1st Year of Study - Law (JD) Coursework

  • Law 600A: Contracts
  • LAW 601A: Civil Procedure
  • LAW 602: Criminal Procedure
  • LAW 603A: Legal Research, Analysis & Communication I
  • LAW 603B: Legal Research, Analysis & Communication II
  • LAW 604C: Torts
  • LAW 605: Constitutional Law I
  • LAW 606: Property
  • LAW 679B: Preparing to Practice
  • LAW 6xx: Limited choice elective

2nd Year of Study - MPP Coursework

Fall semester:

  • PA 503: Politics, Policy & Public Management
  • PA 504: Intermediate Economics for Public Policy
  • PA 552: Statistical Decision Making
  • PA 515: State & Local Government Finance

Spring semester:

  • PA 553: Policy Analysis I
  • PA 555: Statistics for Policy Analysis II
  • 2 Electives (Law or SGPP)

3rd and 4th Years of Study - Remaining Coursework for both Law and MPP

  • PA 554: Policy Analysis II (fall semester)
  • PA 505: Methods for Program Evaluation (spring semester)
  • PA 594: Capstone (spring semester)
  • LAW 608: Evidence
  • LAW 609: Professional Responsibility
  • LAW 653A: Advanced Legal Writing
  • LAW 645A: Basic Trial Advocacy
  • LAW 668: Pretrial Litigation
  • LAW 6xx: Law electives

For more information on the JD program and law coursework for this dual degree, please contact Lisa Queen (Assistant Law Registrar) and Lynna Nguyen (Law Registrar & Dean) at

For more information on the MPP program, please contact

This dual degree program with the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies allows students to earn a Master of Public Policy (MPP) and a Master of Arts in Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MA).


This dual degree program with the School of Natural Resources & the Environment allows students to earn a Master of Public Policy (MPP) and a Master of Science in Water, Society & Policy (MS) within 3 years.

This program will provide a unique niche for graduate students to enhance their opportunities in industry, non-governmental organizations, and government by coupling a strong foundation in public policy with the rigor of a program focused on water science and water policy. This program will provide opportunities to explore and gain expertise in water science and resource management, policy analysis, economics, and the application of technology (e.g., assessment and analysis with GIS) to address key water-related challenges facing society.

MPP/WSP-MS Dual Requirements: 59 units total

  • MPP requirements: 27 units
    • 24 core units
    • 3 units of Capstone (PA 594)
  • WSP-MS requirements: 17 units
    • 9 core units
    • 2 seminar units (RNR 696W)
    • 6 units of Master's Report (RNR 909)
  • Dual elective requirements: 15 units (which can be shared between the two programs)

For questions regarding the MPP degree requirements, please contact the Graduate Programs Manager at

For questions regarding the Master of Science in Water, Society & Policy degree requirements, please contact Graduate Coordinator, Debbie Cross, at