Declare A Major

Declare A Major

Declare an SGPP major. This form is open and will close at the beginning of September 2019. Exact day TBD.

Students who wish to declare a major or add a second major/degree in Law, Criminal Justice Studies, Political Science, or Public Management & Policy should complete the following steps:  

  1. View online information session
  2. Submit online change of major form at end of information session. 

    Declare Your Major

Students must have a minimum UA grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher or be in their first semester at the UA to declare an SGPP major. 

Any advisor on campus can declare the GPP Minor for students. However, the GPP Minor is not available for SGPP major students.

SGPP Program Fee

Students who have completed at least 60 units with a declared major in Criminal Justice Studies, Political Science or Public Management and Policy will be charged a $450 program fee per semester (spring and fall) until they graduate. Law majors will be charged a $900 program fee per semester (spring and fall) until they graduate.

Course Availability

Until you officially declare the major, and if there are seats available, you may only take courses from the following list:*

  • ECON 200 (Basic Economic Policy)
  • SBS 200 (Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences)
  • POL 201 (American National Government)
  • POL 202 (International Relations)
  • POL 203 (Political Theory)
  • POL 204 (Comparative Politics in the Age of Globalization)
  • POL 209 (Diversity and Politics in a Changing World)

*Contact our academic advisors to determine which courses are applicable to your degree program.