Bachelor of Arts: Law


Major Overview

The University of Arizona is proud to announce the collaboration of the James E. Rogers College of Law and the School of Government and Public Policy (SGPP) in the creation of a new Bachelor of Arts in Law—the first in the country.

Designed to meet the increasing demand for professionals with legal training in varied career fields, the BA in Law offers rigorous training for high-performing undergraduates with an interest in law. Students will receive instruction from College of Law faculty in key foundational areas of the law such as criminal and civil procedure, contracts and torts.  Elective courses and specialized internships will allow students to focus on areas of potential interest. On graduation, students will be well-equipped for direct employment in an increasing number of jobs where legal training is an advantage, or to pursue further legal education. The BA in Law also provides the opportunity for an expedited path to law school, allowing qualified law majors to start at the James E. Rogers College of Law after their junior year (the "3+3 Program").

Students are responsible for reviewing their UA degree requirements through their individual Advisement Report found on UAccess Student Center.



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