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Alex Braithwaite's research and teaching focus upon the causes and contagion of violent and nonviolent conflict, including terrorism, protests, riots, civil war, and international wars. His research demonstrates that incidents of violent political conflict cluster in space and time, that openings in political opportunity structures encourage the contagion of violence between groups and across national borders, and that terrorist groups commonly exploit so-called spoiler opportunities in an attempt to derail plans for peace.

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:: Foreign fighters, civil war, and terrorism. (Including research with Tiffany Chu and Ashley Covarrubias.)

:: The quality of elections and terrorism. (With Jessica Maves Braithwaite).

:: Troop deployments, military bases, and civil conflict. (Including research with Jeffrey Kucik.)

:: Learning & emulation processes in conflict contagion.


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Alex Braithwaite
Associate Professor & Director of Ph.D. Program
Office: Social Sciences 314B
Office Hours: Wednesday 10am-12pm


2006: PhD in Political Science, Pennsylvania State University

2002: MA in Political Science, Pennsylvania State University

1999: BA in War Studies & History, King's College London

Courses Taught

POL 414: Contagion & Diffusion in World Politics

POL 419: Terrorism & Counterterrorism

POL 595E: International Relations Proseminar