Senior Degree Audit

Congratulations graduating seniors! Follow these steps as you are finishing your degree and preparing to graduate.

Applying to Graduate

Spring & Summer Graduates
Apply by February 1

Fall & Winter Graduates
Apply by September 1

You can apply to graduate by completing the "degree audit worksheet" (DAW) in the UAccess Student Center. You should apply you enroll in your final semester's courses.

You will be charged a $50 degree candidacy fee once you apply for graduation. Late applications will be charged an additional $50 fee.

Steps to Graduate

  1. Register for your final semester courses and review your degree requirements with your major and minor advisors.
  2. Apply to graduate through UAccess Student Center. See detailed instructions on how to Apply for Degree Candidacy. You may need to meet with your advisor after you have submitted the graduation application. 

    UAccess will show you “contact your advisor” after you have applied to graduate; however, your advisor will contact you when your DAW is prepared. You will be given instructions on if/how to schedule your degree audit worksheet appointment. You should not schedule your degree audit appointment online or attend walk-ins to review your DAW unless instructed by your advisor. 

  3. Attend your degree audit worksheet appointment if needed with your major advisor and review your final major requirements. Your major advisor will sign your degree audit worksheet and deliver it to graduation services.
  4. If you are returning a completed degree audit worksheet, please see the Administrative Associate in Social Sciences 322 to drop off your DAW- they are available Monday through Friday from 10:00-11:30 and from 1:30-3:30.
  5. Complete the SGPP Exit Survey. We value your feedback and appreciate your time to help us improve programming. 

**The candidacy fee is charged to your Bursar's account.**

Graduation Ceremony Information