Sanho Chung

Ph.D. Candidate

Sanho Chung is a Ph.D. candidate majoring in Comparative Politics and minoring in Methodology from the School of Government and Public Policy (SGPP), University of Arizona. He also serves as an organizing member for the Global Research Association of Politics in Hong Kong (GRAPH), an international network of scholars studying Hong Kong politics. 

His research interests rest on clientelism, local government arrangements, as well as democracy and autocracy, with a regional focus on East Asia, especially Taiwan and Hong Kong. His dissertation examines the relationship between the subnational government arrangements and clientelism (i.e. exchange of favors for political support) at local levels in Taiwan. He argues that the concentration of decision-making power from lower subnational units to the higher ones, or subnational political centralization, indicated by the abolition of lower-level subnational elections, would curb clientelism. 

Sanho obtained his Master of International Relations (Advanced) from Australian National University in 2016. Before so, he received his B.SoSc in Government and International Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015. Prior to his doctoral study in the SGPP, he worked on several research projects concerning contentious politics and identity in Hong Kong. 

His academic works have appeared or will appear in Journal of Sport and Social IssuesChina Perspectives and Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic Relations: An International Journal.

Beyond academics, as a Hongkonger Sanho is a diehard fan of the Hong Kong national football (soccer) team.