Suzanne Dovi


Suzanne Dovi is a Professor of the School of Government and Public Policy at the University of Arizona. Her research interests include democratic theory, representation (especially the representation of historically disadvantaged groups), feminist theory and human rights. She is most interested in exploring how democratic citizens should evaluate those who hold and exercise power over vulnerable and marginalized groups.  Suzanne Dovi earned her Ph.d from Princeton University but she also has a MA from Georgetown University and a M. Litt. from Trinity College, Dublin. Her work has appeared in American Political Science Review, Journal of Politics, Political Theory, Gender & Politics, Contemporary Political Theory, Constellations, and Polity. Her book, The Good Representative, was published by Blackwell in 2008 and was the subject of a special issue in PS: Political Science & Politics. She is currently working on another book project about how representation can have undemocratic and inegalitarian effects.  This book is entitled Toxic Representation.