Pima County Sheriff’s Department

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement services to the unincorporated sections of Pima County. In addition, we maintain and staff the adult detention center which houses inmates for all local jurisdictions.

Internship Available

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Spring


Applications must be submitted a minimum of sixty days prior to the start of the semester to allow sufficient time for background checks to be completed.\

Internship Description: Unpaid

The internship program consists of shadowing experienced members of the department as they conduct day to day operations.  The intern will be assigned to areas across the department in order to obtain a global perspective of how the Sheriff’s Department functions.

Purpose of the Internship

The internship program is primarily geared towards individuals who wish to pursue a career in law enforcement and will provide the intern with insight into various aspects of law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

How to apply

Contact the Commissioned Personnel Supervisor at 520-351-4640, and an application will be provided to the applicant via email.

If you are selected for an interview, please review the hours you will be required to report to your internship. 

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Pima County Sheriff’s Department