Higher Ground Internship

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Higher Ground


Higher Ground's mission is summarized as Reaching individuals, transforming families, and elevating the community one life at a time. The Higher Ground a Resource Center currently serves 2000 atrisk students annually K - 12th grades and their families of throughout Tucson. Our current programs include: An afterschool youth development center, Youth Success Center (youth from Pima County Juvenile Corrections Center), The Tucson Unified School District Alternative Education Program. We are also currently working with Sunnyside Unified School District, Star Academic High School, where we teach community building, Jr. Achievement, social emotional learning skills, and Life skills. This also includes Community Schools Initiative doing work, to reduce chronic absenteeism in Middle Schools and High Schools across TUSD and SUSD.

Internship Available

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Spring


At least 2 weeks before the enrollment term.

Internship Description: Unpaid 

Interns will provide classroom assistance in terms of creating/applying classroom management skills. Members will participate in activity, tutoring and responsibilities that include mentorship to youth in areas of social and emotional learning. Members will also be required to be a positive role model to youth as well as to other interns. Member will be required to build relationships with youth and community alike to instill a better learning/understanding environment for all persons involved in the community.

Purpose of the Internship

  • Observe the different needs and stories of the students.
  • Creating a dialogue between community/environment and its members, primarily the youth.
  • Assist Site Coordinators with school grades/tutoring and Classroom management gaining a better understanding in youth development though education and activity
  • Engaging in direct service that allows the observation and assistance to alternative education, activity and community engagement.

Agency Minimum Qualifications

Ethics and Professionalism, Teaching/Communication Skills, Planning and Organizing, Classroom Management Skills and a General belief is Higher Ground’s Vision. Agency

Preferred Qualifications

Higher Ground prefers persons with, knowledge and belief in Higher Ground’s mission, vision and purpose. Members that have strong relationship building qualities, able to effectively communicate with all ages, races, culture, background, and beliefs. Lastly, anyone that enjoys working with the Youth and their individual development toward success.