Edge High School

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Edge High School- no internships for the 20-21 school year


Edge High School’s internship program is unique because we have so many opportunities to choose from. We prefer when interns choose a role(s) that gives them the most meaningful experience. We know how important it is to have working relationships with college students who can bring new ideas, new methods, and new perspectives to our growing high school.

Internship: Unpaid

Our interns will be able to choose a role(s) that interests them the most. These roles include (but are not limited to): teaching in classrooms, building exciting new curriculum, creating current events activities, helping support administration, non-profit business management/public policy, and/or assisting with student service programs. We fully support intern’s ideas for improving our school culture and contributing to our mission and vision. In addition, we encourage interns to get involved with projects that could be new for them, such as: marketing, grant writing, fundraising, or event planning.

Internship Available

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Spring


We are flexible and understand that some interns often change their schedules around before the start of a new semester. We prefer when interns apply at least 6 weeks prior to each semester. However, we can accept interns with less notice upon request.

Purpose of the Internship

To create meaningful and lifelong experiences for interns, while strengthening our mission and vision. We want interns to gain knowledge that will help them to identify their own career goals during and after college.

Agency preferred qualifications

We prefer interns who have an interest working with high school students and who are willing to be positive role models. We are looking for consistent and reliable interns who can be flexible and adaptable. It is important that interns understand the population of students we work with: underserved and at-risk youth. It is also helpful to have familiarity with Microsoft Office Programs.

How to apply

Submit letter of interest and resume to Anne Ortiz: Anneo@edgehighschool.org Please make the subject line: UofA Intern (and your name).