Compass Affordable Housing

Compass Affordable Housing provides housing support services and referrals to the community. CAH operates a large, scattered housing program called Community Housing. We also operate an in-house Tenant Services program that is unique to each owned apartment community to support residents and assist them to maintain their housing and meet their daily needs, regardless of income, while they are living in high quality, affordable housing. We provide community and individualized support services to tenants to access the services they need.

Internship Available

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Spring


At least 2-6 weeks before the enrollment term.

Internship Description

Students have the opportunity to intern with Community Housing or Tenant Services: 

Community Housing

Compass Affordable Housing implements housing assistance and support services to formerly homeless, single parent and transitioning households, including youth. We provide case management, referrals, financial assistance, and advocacy to and for low-income households seeking to stabilize their families and lives. Services support the reunification of families as well as helping families and individuals obtain and maintain housing while in job search, school and newly employed. CAH has active partnerships with community groups and agencies that provide referrals, education, financial and non-cash assistance, training, etc. Compass Affordable Housing staff work to help zero and low-income households obtain affordable housing. CAH collaborates with local and governmental agencies to provide housing search and support services and referrals to households, including women, single parents, and those in transition from homelessness.

Interns will train through observation and shadowing Community Housing staff. After training, interns will participate in all activities of case management, including home visits, referrals, follow-up, job search and financial assistance, and the administrative duties of the job. Each intern is assigned to a staff person that they will work with side by side. Capacity development will include involvement in team huddles, Lunch and Learns and All-Staff meetings. Interns will learn specifically about case management, resources in the community and other services.

Tenant Services
The primary function of Tenant Services is to assist tenants effectively enhance the quality of their daily lives and to more fully and successfully participate in the social and economic mainstream.. The inclusion of support services in a permanent housing setting, which caters specifically to the population residing there, provides many opportunities for us to create and/or find options for tenants to help maintain a stable housing community. The Tenant Services team provides tenants with information, guidance and supportive access to local services and resources that assist them in achieving their life objectives. Tenant Services is an integral part of the housing and property team and plays a critical role in the overall property’s impact in enhancing the quality of the community’s health.
Opportunities for interns include the following:
• Participation in Your Health Home Market and on-site gardens
• Planning and implementing on site events
• Leading and developing nutrition classes
• Leadership opportunities in order to develop and implement the quarterly series of Emotional Health, Physical Health , Mental Health and Community Health
• Light case management and community referrals
• Participation in weekly/bi-weekly team meetings
• Tenant advocacy
• Attendance at Compass Affordable Housing All- Staff meetings

Purpose of the Internship

The purpose of the internship is to provide students with a first-hand and direct experience with households transitioning from homelessness to economic and household stability. This includes knowing the families, involvement in government funded programs and learning what it takes to be successful implementing the program. Meaningful moments occur when there is first-hand participation with households that achieve success. Interns will learn the methods used to assist families and will experience, first hand, the successes, behavioral changes, and outcomes. This experience has the potential to influence public policy that students may work on in the future and will likely make a long-lasting impact on the student’s perspective of low-income people.


  • Enthusiasm in working with people.
  • Successful completion of the CAH intern application process.
  • Professionalism in dress and behavior.
  • Ability to complete assignments.
  • Good verbal, written and communication skills.
  • Social media and computer proficiency preferred .
  • Ability to commit to six months of part-time internship and meet agreed upon scheduling

How to apply

Please send your resume or an email with your background to us and let us know what you are interested in. We do ask for your email address and cell phone number. You can reach us at We look forward to meeting you!

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