Arizona Youth Partnership

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Arizona Youth Partnership


 In Partnership with Communities, AZYP Cultivates Healthy Foundations for Youth and Promotes Strong Families. An internship with AZYP would be an excellent opportunity to work closely with staff and independently in multiple primary prevention programs. AZYP is a non-profit organization with a focus on offering services to underserved, at-risk populations. To find out more about AZYP and its programs visit

Internship Available

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Spring


Apply 2 month in advance

Purpose of internship

Interns will gain an understanding of the community needs and the different programs that can aid individuals and families. Interns will learn facilitation skills, meet valuable community members (Probation, School staff), attend prevention trainings/conferences and understand the ins and outs of curriculums.

Internship: Unpaid

As an intern with AZYP you will be working with facilitators to do youth substance abuse prevention and diversion at the individual and family level in Pima County. Most of the work will occur after normal business hours, but some prep time and travel will be required.  The opportunities in this program are extensive and flexible. You would be able to observe and/or assist, as appropriate, with youth, parent, and family session of the program as well as help with recruiting events, making phone calls to participants, or schools/juvenile court to bring more youth/families into the program.

How to apply

If desired please email Christine at with attached resume and/or cover letter. Background check will be processed after applicant interview/meet and greet.