Arizona Republican Party

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Arizona Republican Party


The Arizona Republican Party in coordination with the Republican National Committee work towards the common goal of helping to elect candidates with conservative ideals, to help the citizens of The United States realize the American Dream, and to give equal opportunity to all.

Internship Available

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Spring


At least 2 weeks before the enrollment term.

Internship Description: Unpaid

Interns will be expected to be able to provide 10+ hours per week, where they will be performing various activities that creates a successful grassroots campaign, from door knocking to phone banking. Additionally, they will be involved in strategy sessions, helping to recruit volunteers, and leaning the technology and systems that are vital to running a successful campaign.

Purpose of the Internship

The purpose of the internship is to give students real life grass roots campaign experience, and to help them build their resumes towards the goal of working in politics after graduation. The internship itself will lead to many job opportunities for students who apply themselves.

How to apply

To apply, contact Dan Duffey at