For New MPA/MPP Students

Congratulations on your admission to our program!

Your official acceptance letter will come from the University of Arizona Graduate College and will include information on “Accepting your Admission” to the program. This can be done on GradApp, under “My Active Applications.” You will select the appropriate box regarding your decision to accept the offer of admission. Accepting your admission via GradApp makes you an official graduate student, and then you may start the enrollment process.

We hope you plan to join the Master of Public Administration or Master of Public Policy program in the School of Government & Public Policy at the University of Arizona and start your career path with us.

Below are a few next steps to consider:

Upon admission to the University of Arizona, please send any official transcripts requested by the Graduate College directly to their office. You may check which transcripts are needed by viewing the Application Processing Checklist in the Next Steps box via GradApp. 

If your degree is from a U.S. institution, your final official transcripts with your degree posted are required. If your required documents are from the University of Arizona, there is no need to order official transcripts; the Graduate College will access your records internally. If your degree is from an international institution that does not issue transcript and degree documents in English, both the original language and official English translations are required.

These official documents are necessary for registration and the disbursement of fellowship or scholarship funds. Official electronic transcripts received from the institution or clearinghouse may be sent electronically to Graduate Admissions. You may also mail or deliver required documents to: The University of Arizona, Graduate Admissions, Administration Bldg., Room 322, PO Box 210066, Tucson, AZ 85721-0066.

After accepting your admission, requesting your student visa is your very next step. To start the I-20 process, please go to and follow the first set of instructions under the heading "Travel". Any questions regarding the I-20 request process or travel for new international students, please contact

For the most up-to-date information regarding all immigration services, go to The International Student Services Office also provides advising services regarding immigration questions and inquiries:

Immunization Requirement

Before attempting course registration, all students must provide proof of an MMR (measles, mumps and rubella)vaccinationYou will not be permitted to register for classes or attend University of Arizona campus without meeting this requirement. University of Arizona policy requires that all students born after 12/31/1956 meet immunization requirements for both Measles and Rubella. If you never received an MMR vaccination, or cannot find proof of vaccination, Campus Health can provide this vaccination for you. For more information, go to or contact their office at (520) 621-4068. Please do not send medical documents to staff at SGPP; only authorized medical personnel at the Campus Health can verify this information.

Health Insurance

Complete information on Student Health Insurance, including premiums, eligibility, enrollment, deadlines, coverage periods, benefits and exclusions are available at Enrollment opens upon class registration and ends the 14th day after the official start of classes. Students will be automatically renewed upon class registration. For more information, go to or contact their office at (520) 621-6490. International students are required to enroll in Student Health Insurance.

The Graduate College holds a one-day Graduate Orientation prior to the start of each fall semester, usually on the Wednesday prior to the beginning of classes. Attendance at this half-day Graduate Orientation is not mandatory, but incoming students are strongly encouraged to attend. You will learn about policies, services, funding resources, meet other incoming students, and connect with the Graduate and Professional Student Council.

The MPA and MPP programs will also have an orientation session prior to the start of each fall and spring semester as well. Enrolled students will be contacted with more details at least 1 month prior to the start of classes. Attending orientation is not required, but recommended.

International Students

New international students must complete 4 online check-in requirements, which are provided by the International Student Services (ISS) Office prior to initial registration. After completing these items, the registration hold should be removed within 2 business days. To complete the 4 check-in requirements, go to and follow the instructions under the heading "Check-In".

Graduate Teaching Assistants/Associates (GTAs)

If you have been offered a Teaching Assistantship, you are required to complete 3 mandatory online trainings: Title IX, FERPA and TATO. Each of these trainings will provide you with knowledge in UArizona policies and procedures that regard teaching. To access these trainings, you must be enrolled and know your UA NetID. The deadline for completion is two weeks after the start of classes. Additional information can be found at


The CatCard is the official University of Arizona identification card. All students, faculty, and staff affiliated with the University are required to have a CatCard for identification and other purposes. The card features a digitized photo, digitized signature, Contactless SmartChip, ISO number and magnetic stripe. It is up to you to decide how you want to use your card, which can be used to also purchase a Meal Plan, pay for parking and athletic tickets, obtain a discount at the UA Bookstore if you are a GTA, gain access to the Campus Recreation Center, the UA Library system, Student Health Center, and much more! More information regarding the CatCard can be found at:

UAccess is the password-protected service used by the University of Arizona that allows you to manage your personal information and register online. First time University of Arizona students will need their Student Identification (SID) number and assigned Personal Identification Number (PIN) to create a UA NetID. Anyone with current or previous University of Arizona affiliation may already have their UA NetID and password established.

You may create your UA NetID at Once your UA NetID and password are created, this will allow you to access registration and other important resources at the University of Arizona. To log in to your UAccess Student Center, go to

Video tutorials on "How to Register for Courses" are available to help you learn how to register for classes. Additional video tutorials and business processing guides for UAccess are available here. For questions about learning tools, please contact 24/7 Technical Support at (520) 626-8324.

Schedule of Classes and Enrollment

The Schedule of Classes will provide you with a list of available courses each semester/term. 

It is strongly recommended to enroll in core courses first, as available. Please view the curriculum pages for the list of core courses, as well as a list of approved elective course options:

To register for classes, follow the instructions from the UAccess Tutorial. 

Graduate Registration Requirements

All graduate students are required to register in 500-level courses and above in order to receive graduate credit. To meet the Continuous Enrollment policy, you must register for a minimum of 1 graduate-level unit each major academic semester (ie: Spring and Fall) until degree completion. Failure to register every major semester will result in an automatic discontinuation from the program and will require a new application for admission to the Graduate College. 

If you will be receiving and accepting federal student loans, you need to enroll in a minimum of 5 units to be considered a part-time student. A total of 9 units is considered full-time. 

If you receive a graduate assistantship/associateship, the Graduate College requires that you register for and maintain enrollment of a minimum of 6 units of graduate coursework each semester. There is no maximum limit to the number of units for which you can register, however, it is not recommended to enroll in more than 12 units per semester. If needed, you may consult with the Graduate Programs Manager for SGPP prior to registration.

D2L (Desire2Learn)

Many of your professors will use a platform called D2L to supplement the coursework for the class, whether it is an in-person or online course. If the first day of class is less than 1 week away and you do not see a D2L course site for your class, feel free to contact your instructor via email to see if they will be utilizing this platform.

After you have accepted your admission and created a UA NetID, you will have an official University of Arizona email account (known as CatMail) created for you. Access your account by going to

Per University of Arizona policy, all communications will be sent to your CatMail as this is the official contact method for all students, faculty and staff. It is imperative that all students regularly check and use their CatMail.

As a graduate student, you may be eligible to receive a Federal Unsubsidized Loan and/or a Graduate PLUS Loan. We urge students who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible in order to maximize your funding possibilities. You can file online at is external). For your information to be released to the University of Arizona, you must add the school code 001083 to your FAFSA. Although your financial aid eligibility is based on income you earned last year, you can meet with a counselor at the UA Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for a re-determination of your aid to reflect your current income as a graduate student.

Financial Aid refund checks (if applicable) are mailed to your local address or disbursed electronically no earlier than 7 days prior to the first day of class. This amount is the residual aid after registration/tuition/fees have been deducted. If your student account has a balance due, financial aid funds will be applied to your account balance before any residual amounts are disbursed to you. Further information from the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid can be found at You may also check the Finances tab in your UAccess Student Services Center at

Verify your FAFSA by following the instructions on the video at the following link: 

You may also contact an OSFA representative by phone at (520) 621-1858, email sends e-mail) or visit their office in person (located in the Administration Building, room 208).


Registration Deadlines

Each semester there are important dates and deadlines you should be aware of.  You may access this updated information from the Office of the Registrar.  Please review this information carefully.  You must register via UAccess Student Center prior to a specific deadline each semester.  Although registration may be possible after a specific deadline, we strongly encourage you to enroll as soon as possible. 

Tuition and Fee Payment Deadlines

The Bursar's Office is responsible for billing, providing student account information, receiving payments for tuition, fees, and miscellaneous campus charges.  They also deliver refunds and manage delinquent account collection.

You can access their website for a detailed description of payment methods and deadlines, or contact their office directly at (520) 621-3232.

Arizona Residency

If you are an Arizona resident or you believe you are qualified to be an Arizona resident, and you were classified as a Non-Resident you must submit a Domicile Affidavit to the Residency Classification Office as soon as possible.  If you have questions regarding this process or residency status, contact Residency Classification at (520) 621-3636 or  Tuition differs greatly depending on your residency status, so this should be checked immediately; you can check your Residency Status on your UAccess Student Center.

Address Changes and Corrections

It is essential that you notify the University of your Local Address as soon as you have one. Bills, grades, financial aid, fellowship checks, and new information will be mailed to your LOCAL address.  If we do not have a local address for you, information will be mailed to your permanent address. You may update your address through UAccess Student Center, or by visiting the Registrar's Office in person (located in the Administration Building, room 210).

Parking and Transportation

Parking permits are required to park on campus for all students, faculty and staff. There are several pay parking garages and limited metered visitor parking. For more information concerning parking lots, maps, permits, or alternative forms of transportation to campus, please visit the Parking and Transportation's main website at: or contact their office directly at (520) 626-7275.

Residence Life

On-Campus Housing information can be found at or by contacting their office directly at (520) 621-6501.

Off-Campus Housing information can be found at or by contacting their office directly at (520) 621-5859.

Campus Tours and Visitor Information

Campus Tours are available in-person or virtually. To register for a campus tour, please go to  A complete list of visitor information can also be found at: General information about the Tucson area is available at