Minor in Government & Public Policy

Minor Overview

  • GPP Minor Total Units: 18
  • GPA requirement: 2.0
  • Upper Division Requirement: minimum of 9 units (courses numbered 300-499)
  • Residency Requirement: minimum of 9 units
  • GPP Minor Checklist

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Minor Overview

The Government & Public Policy minor accommodates the interests and needs of students from a variety of degree programs. The minor is an excellent supplement to other majors within and outside the social sciences arena. You'll be introduced to the various sub-fields of political science and public policy and gain the foundational knowledge of political processes and institutions.

Declaring the Minor

A request to add the Government & Public Policy minor may be submitted by any advisor on campus. 

Students majoring in any of SGPP's majors (Political Science, Public Management and Policy, Law, or Criminal Justice) may NOT declare the Government & Public Policy minor.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses

  • Complete 6 courses (18 units)
  • Must include 9 units of upper-division (300-499 level courses)

Introductory Courses

Choose 3 courses (9 units):

Minor Electives

Choose 3 courses (9 units)

PA 335: Constitutions, Courts and Corrections
PA 393: Internship
PA 403: Political Networks
PA 433: Nonprofit Management
PA 450: Crime Measurement
PA 482: Environmental Governance
POL 335: Gender and Politics (GWS: 335)
POL 347: Politics of Latin America
POL 365: Contemporary International Politics
POL 388: Immigration and Refugee Policy (Cross-listed LAS 388)
POL 393: Internship
POL 404: Experimental Political Science
POL 407: Congress and American Politics
POL 408: Development of the American Presidency
POL 415: The Scientific Study of Civil Wars
POL 417: Dictatorship: Could It Happen Here? (Cross-listed PA 417)
POL 424: Politics in the Digital Age
POL 433: Feminist Political Theory (Cross-listed: GWS 433)
POL 436: Violent Crime and Political Order
POL 437: Democracies, Emerging and Evolving
POL 441: Arab-Israeli Conflict (Cross-listed: MENAS 441)
POL 442A: European Politics and Society
POL 443: Russian Politics
POL 447: Latin-American Political Development (Cross-listed LAS 447)
POL 451: Russian Foreign Policy
POL 452: Politics in the European Union
POL 455: American Foreign Policy
POL 459: German Politics
POL 460: US and China Relations in the Modern World (Cross-listed CHN 460)
POL 461: Feminist and IR Theories (Cross-listed: GWS 461)
POL 464: International Relations of South Asia (Cross-listed: EAS 464)
POL 465: International Politics of the Middle East (Cross-listed: MENAS 465)
POL 468: Government and Politics of Africa (Cross-listed: AFAS 468)
POL 498H: Honors Thesis
SGPP 301: The Politics and Policy of Globalization
SGPP 302: Policy and Politics of Conflict
SGPP 303: The Politics and Policy of the Developing World
SGPP 304: The Politics of Public Policy Making in the United States
SGPP 305: The Fundamentals of Democratic Politics

Minor Advising

SGPP Advisors for the Government and Public Policy minor:

Students should email Assistant Director of Advising, Sylvia Muñoz at sbs-sgppadvising@email.arizona.edu

If you would like more information on the Government & Public Policy minor, you can schedule an advising appointment or visit during walk-in hours.