3+3 BA in Law & Juris Doctor

The 3+3 Bachelor of Arts/Juris Doctor program enables qualified University of Arizona undergraduates to complete their BA in Law and JD in as few as six years of study. This accelerated program is open to University of Arizona undergraduates majoring in law with a minimum 3.3 GPA on completion of their junior year, according to the application procedures established by the James E. Rogers College of Law.  If accepted, 3+3 students begin law school following their junior year and earn 27 upper division law credits that will count towards both their Law BA and JD degrees. Students admitted to law school through the 3+3 program spend their fifth and sixth years completing the remaining units required for the JD at the College of Law.


Admission Requirements: To be eligible for admission to the Law BA/JD 3+3 program, UA students must be Law majors, and must by the end of their junior year complete the following:

  • All general education requirements;
  • All major and minor requirements, except for the LAW core and LAW elective units required for the BA in Law; and
  • At least 93 undergraduate unit hours.
  • Students must also have a minimum GPA of 3.3.

Application process:  To participate in the 3+3 program, students must apply to the JD program as juniors  according to procedures established by the James E. Rogers College of Law admissions office.


Curriculum and Articulation of Credits

Following admission to the Law College, 3+3 participants will be enrolled as law students and will take the same standard 1L curriculum as all other JD students, consisting of 30 graduate-level LAW units.

Upon successful completion of the first year of law school, 27 graduate-level LAW units will be credited toward the LAW units required for the BA in Law, and toward the 120 total undergraduate units required for graduation. (See sample “4-Year Plan” and “3+3 Checklist”.) 

Should a student in the 3+3 program decide to withdraw from the Law College after matriculation, or fail to successfully complete first year law courses, the student may be readmitted to the University of Arizona to complete the remaining undergraduate units needed to graduate.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students in the 3+3 program pay undergraduate tuition and the applicable major fees until the time they are enrolled as JD students at the Law College. From that time, they pay JD tuition only, and not undergraduate tuition or major-related fees.

Students are eligible for financial aid at the undergraduate level until matriculation at the Law College. At that time, any financial aid or scholarships will be awarded through the Law College. Whether four-year undergraduate scholarships may be applied to the first year of law school will depend on the terms of the particular scholarship.

Students interested in applying to the 3+3 program should do so with the assistance of their Academic Advisor.

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