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Mai Truong is a PhD student majoring in comparative politics and minoring in political methodology. Mai is interested in authoritarian politics with a special focus on democratization, social movements and popular resistance. In particular, her current projects investigate (1) the multi-dimensional effects of social media on rural and urban social movements, and rightful resistance in autocracies; (2) the effects of autocrats’ non-physical strategies toward protesters; and (3) the underlying structure of dissident networks in autocracies. Her regional focus is in East and Southeast Asia. She holds an MA in International Development Studies from the University of Sussex, UK. Before graduate school, she had research experiences in both the UK and Vietnam.

Mai is also a blogger. She shares life lessons with Vietnamese readers on a weekly basis on her personal blog. Her book based on the blog will be published in 2019 in Vietnam. 

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Mai Truong
PhD Student

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Teaching Assistant: POL 150c, POL 204