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Andrew Braden is a third year PhD student in International Relations with a focus on major powers, specifically their foreign aid giving behavior in response to terrorism.  Andrew is also interested in states foreign aid giving behavior in response to terrorism both inside and outside the context of civil conflict, namely whether states experiencing terrorism in the contect of civil conflict are more likely to be aid recipients.  More generally, Andrew studies the correlates of terrorism and foreign aid giving, and has begun to explore the use of network analysis techniques to study these relationships.  Additionally, Andrew has served as the Co-Managing Editor for the Policy Studies Journal from Fall 2016-Present.

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Andrew Braden
PhD Student


Andrew holds both a BA in Communication, and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Arizona.

Courses Taught

Fall 2013: Teaching Assistant POL 300B
Fall 2015: Teaching Assistant POL 150C3
Spring 2016: Teaching Assistant POL 150C3
Fall 2016-Spring 2018: Teaching Assistant PA 241