SGPP Electives-International Relations

POL 392: Directed Research

Individual or small group research under the guidance of faculty.

POL 340: Politics in Advanced Industrialized States

Analysis of how variations in social structures and political configurations influence governmental policy and determine international competitiveness of states. Industrial sectors in five major economies are examined to determine how political systems differ, what kinds of policies enhance competitiveness, and where countries rank in terms of innovation of key industrial sectors.

POL 323: Modern Political Theory

Western political theory from the Utilitarians through the 1930s.

POL 424A: Political Ecology (Cross-listed: ANTH 424A)

This course introduces a variety of environmental thought linking the political sphere and the biosphere. It examines ecological economics, environmental history and ethics, theoretical ecology, ecofeminism, political ecology in anthropology and intellectual property law.

POL 364: Development in 20th Century Latin America (Cross-listed LAS 364)

This course offers a general introduction to contemporary Latin America from the perspective of political economy. It will focus on structural factors to help explain the main political, social and economic trends in the region. The overall goal of the course is to provide the basic, historical tools for understanding the current challenges that this region confronts.

POL 488: Governing Science and Technology (Cross-listed GEOG: 488)

Historical, cross-cultural, and geographical assessment of strategies societies have deployed to govern science and technology; effects of particular strategies in terms of impacts (both positive and negative) of science and technology on people, their lives, and the environment.

POL 485: National Security Policy

Decision-making structures, processes, and outcomes relevant to American security policy; comparison with major foreign powers.

POL 483: Urban Public Policy

Analysis and discussion of social, economic, and political problems and proposed solutions in changing urban environments.

POL 475: Religion and the Law

The evolving relationship between law and religion has had a profound influence on American political life and discourse since the country's founding. This course is designed to develop familiarity with that history and the resulting major tenets of the First Amendment's religion clauses. Taking as our starting point the concept of the separation of church and state, we examine what this idea has meant in U.S. Constitutional law.

POL 471: Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties

Analysis of the constitutional guarantees of civil liberties in the U.S.

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