SGPP Electives-Ideas & Methods

POL 466: Japanese and Chinese Nationalism (Cross-listed: EAS 466)

Though China and Japan share many civilizational traits, they have produced radically different political systems.  Using the intellectual prism of "nationalism", this course explores how Japan and China have reacted to the "every people a polity" principle (nationalism).

POL 464: International Relations of South Asia (Cross-listed: EAS 464)

National interests, issues and conflicts, relations, and influence of domestic politics in interstate relations in South Asia.

POL 461: Feminist and IR Theories (Cross-listed: GWS 461)

Issues in epistemology; survey and integration of feminist and IR theories; application of feminist theories to IR.

POL 460: US and China Relations in the Modern World (Cross-listed CHN 460)

Survey of the developments and trends in Chinese foreign relations in the modern period, focusing mainly on the relationship between the theoretical and actual objectives of China's foreign policies from 1949 to the present.

POL 447: Latin-American Political Development (Cross-listed LAS 447)

Presentation of strategies for development in Latin America; examination of case studies from Cuba, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, and other countries.

POL 418: Historiography – The Annals of the Arab Israeli Conflict (Cross-listed: HIST 418)

This course in the historiography of the Arab Israeli Conflict will engage in a comparative analysis of the various Israeli approaches with those of their Palestinian counterparts.  The course analyzes what has been learned about history, the writing of history, and how that informs the various approaches to the understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

POL 408A: Islamic Movements in the Contemporary Muslim World (Cross-listed: MENAS 408A)

The course objectives are (1) to acquaint students with traditional literature and contemporary research on Islamic movements, and 2) to introduce students to the historical and ideological basis of an emerging globalized political Islam.

POL 403: Globalization and Indigenous People (Cross-listed: AIS 403)

Globalization is a term often heard and read in academic circles and in national news, but less often understood by the average person. However, because it is the world political, economic, and social system currently in place as the next evolution of capitalism, everyone should have a basic notion of the definition, and what effects it has and will continue to have on the lives of everyone. 

POL 397A: Advanced Model United Nations Workshop

This course has two principal objectives:  1) to prepare students for the annual Arizona Model UN Conference, and 2) to provide a broad introduction to the institutional structure and activities of the United Nations.

POL 388: Immigration and Refugee Policy (Cross-listed LAS 388)

Analysis of constitutional, legal, historical and political consequences of U.S. immigration and refugee policy. Recent trends. Foreign and domestic policy effects of migration.

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