SGPP Electives-Ideas & Methods

PA 491: Preceptorship

Specialized work on an individual basis, consisting of instruction and practice in actual service in a department, program, or discipline. Teaching formats may include seminars, in-depth studies, laboratory work and patient study.

PA 498H: Honors Thesis

An honors thesis is required of all the students graduating with honors. Students ordinarily sign up for this course as a two-semester sequence. The first semester the student performs research under the supervision of a faculty member; the second semester the student writes an honors thesis.

PA 498: Senior Capstone

A culminating experience for majors involving a substantive project that demonstrates a synthesis of learning accumulated in the major, including broadly comprehensive knowledge of the discipline and its methodologies. Senior standing required.

PA 499H: Honors Independent Study

Qualified students working on an individual basis with professors who have agreed to supervise such work.

PA 499: Independent Study

Qualified students working on an individual basis with professors who have agreed to supervise such work.

POL 385: Introduction to Political Islam (Cross-listed: MENAS 385)

Political Islam has become one of the most ubiquitous forces across the Muslim world in the last four decades.  While most of these movements share a common commitment to promoting Islamic morality and resisting external forces, there is enormous diversity and change within what is generalised as "Islamism".  Student will learn to grasp the basic differences as well as overlaps in identity and approach between the major streams of contemporary political Islam with regard to popularity and location, preference for armed vs. political strategies, nationalism vs.

POL 373: Political Geography (Cross-listed GEOG 373)

Explores links between global economic and political processes, national affairs and local politics. Designed to foster participation; assessment is via essays and assignments.

POL 452: Politics in the European Union

Offers a comprehensive survey of the history, institutions, and functioning of the European Union.

POL 419: Terrorism and Counterterrorism (Cross-listed PA 419)

This course addresses the political causes and consequences of the use of terrorist violence as well as the variety of methods employed by the state in response to this violence.

POL 417A: North African Societies – History, Culture & Politics (Cross-listed: MENAS 417A)

The objectives are to highlight the thematic, theoretical, and methodological approaches and contributions in the field of North African studies and to underline the relationship, continuities, and discontinuities between the colonial past and postcolonial realities.

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