Foreign Affairs Electives

PA 481: Environmental Policy (Cross-listed POL 481)

Role of government in management of energy, natural resources and environment; process and policy alternatives; special attention to the Southwest.

POL 477: Comparative History of World Revolutions (Cross-listed: HIST 477)

This course examines the historical context against the theoretical, cultural, political, social, and economic elements of sudden revolutionary upheaval.  Revolutions from the French Revolution of 1789 to the Cuban Revolution of 1959 will be studied.

POL 466: Japanese and Chinese Nationalism (Cross-listed: EAS 466)

Though China and Japan share many civilizational traits, they have produced radically different political systems.  Using the intellectual prism of "nationalism", this course explores how Japan and China have reacted to the "every people a polity" principle (nationalism).

POL 467: South Asian Culture and Foreign Policy

The course is an introduction to the culture of the South Asian region (with a focus on India and Pakistan).  It will be a multidisciplinary course that incorporates elements of religion, philosophy, culture, geography, history, sociology and anthropology.  After acquiring sufficient cultural background, students will examine the impact of these cultural variables on the formulation of foreign policy by the governments of the region.

POL 464: International Relations of South Asia (Cross-listed: EAS 464)

National interests, issues and conflicts, relations, and influence of domestic politics in interstate relations in South Asia.

POL 463: Studies of the Geopolitical Chessboard (Cross-listed: SOC 463)

Studies of the important principles of Grand Strategic thinking (the calculated use of given means to realize large ends) and their application to contemporary issues in the fields of business, non-governmental organizations, global politics, and international security.

POL 461: Feminist and IR Theories (Cross-listed: GWS 461)

Issues in epistemology; survey and integration of feminist and IR theories; application of feminist theories to IR.

POL 460: US and China Relations in the Modern World (Cross-listed CHN 460)

Survey of the developments and trends in Chinese foreign relations in the modern period, focusing mainly on the relationship between the theoretical and actual objectives of China's foreign policies from 1949 to the present.

POL 447: Latin-American Political Development (Cross-listed LAS 447)

Presentation of strategies for development in Latin America; examination of case studies from Cuba, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, and other countries.

POL 418: Historiography – The Annals of the Arab Israeli Conflict (Cross-listed: HIST 418)

This course in the historiography of the Arab Israeli Conflict will engage in a comparative analysis of the various Israeli approaches with those of their Palestinian counterparts.  The course analyzes what has been learned about history, the writing of history, and how that informs the various approaches to the understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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