Foreign Affairs Electives

PA 491: Preceptorship

Specialized work on an individual basis, consisting of instruction and practice in actual service in a department, program, or discipline. Teaching formats may include seminars, in-depth studies, laboratory work and patient study.

POL 373: Political Geography (Cross-listed GEOG 373)

Explores links between global economic and political processes, national affairs and local politics. Designed to foster participation; assessment is via essays and assignments.

POL 452: Politics in the European Union

Offers a comprehensive survey of the history, institutions, and functioning of the European Union.

POL 419: Terrorism and Counterterrorism (Cross-listed PA 419)

This course addresses the political causes and consequences of the use of terrorist violence as well as the variety of methods employed by the state in response to this violence.

POL 417A: North African Societies – History, Culture & Politics (Cross-listed: MENAS 417A)

The objectives are to highlight the thematic, theoretical, and methodological approaches and contributions in the field of North African studies and to underline the relationship, continuities, and discontinuities between the colonial past and postcolonial realities.

POL 389: Middle Eastern Ethnic and Religious Minorities (Cross-listed: MENAS 389)

Overview of ethnic and religious minorities in the contemporary Middle East,  study of ethnic and religious diversity and its origin and manifestations in the modern Middle East.  Examination of how the concept of religious and ethnic minority has emerged as a key factor in state policies towards minorities as well as the cultural, economic, political, religious, and educational lives of its people.

POL 377: Modern Israel (Cross-listed: JUS/HIST 377)

Evolution of the State of Israel from the rise of Zionism in 19th Century Europe to the present. Survey of the origins of the State of Israel from the rise of Zionism in 19th Century Europe to the Declaration of the State of Israel in 1948. Evolution of the State of Israel from 1949 to the present. Emphasis on interactive generative processes and understanding of the interplay between past processes and present socio-political realities.

POL 347: Politics of Latin America

Survey of the political forces and social groups important in shaping contemporary Latin America; examination of Indians, slaves, peasants, landlords, labor, the middle sectors, and the military; discussion of theories of instability.

POL 484: History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1800 to Present (Cross-listed: NES 484)

Origins of Zionism, and Palestinian and other Arab nationalisms from the nineteenth century and the post-1948 Arab-Israel state conflict in the Cold War era.

POL 482: African Americans & U.S. Foreign Policy (Cross-listed AFAS 482)

Introduction to African American involvement in shaping U.S. foreign policy from 1850 to the present.  The objective is to show how African Americans organized to change both U.S. foreign policy toward Africa and the Caribbean as well as domestic racial policies by appealing to the international community. The course will highlight how U. S. foreign policy was reformulated by ruling elites to stave off international criticism of unjust domestic racial policies.

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