Mai Truong

Ph.D. Candidate

Mai Truong is a Ph.D. candidate in comparative politics and political methodology. Mai is interested in authoritarian politics with a special focus on social identities, social movements and popular resistance. In particular, her current research projects investigate (1) the effect of dissident allies on boundary-spanning resistance in autocracies; (2) the effect of autocrats’ public smearing strategies toward protesters; and (3) the conditions under which pro-democracy movements are able to co-opt boundary spanning resistance. Most often, she uses focus groups, experimental methods, and other statistical tools for her research. She has been the key designer of two survey experiments. Her regional focus is East and Southeast Asia. 

Her research has been supported by the Southeast Asia Research Group, Social & Behavioral Science Research Institute (University of Arizona), and Graduate Professional Student Council Grant (University of Arizona). Her paper on the diverging effects of social media on rural and urban movements has been published in the Journal of Comparative Politics. 

She holds a MA in International Development Studies from the University of Sussex, UK. Before graduate school, she had research experiences in both the UK and Vietnam.