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The Children’s Advocacy Center of Southern Arizona (CAC) provides a safe, compassionate, healing environment for children who have been a victim or witnessed a crime. As part of the services, we provide Parent Education classes for clients who have been served at our center. STEP (Support Tools and Education for Parents) is a 12-week program implemented virtually which goals is to improve the family relationship. We discuss topics such as healthy communication, setting boundaries, alcohol and drug use, problem solving skills, and much more. We serve both the parents and children during a one-hour session.

Internship Available

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Spring


Applying in advance allows both the student and agency to figure out if it will be a great fit. Applying one month prior to the semester starting is the absolute latest applications will be taken. We have limited spaces and therefore applying early will secure your internship.

Internship Description:  Unpaid

  • Supervise children 1-7 years-old
  • Keep order in the childcare room by setting boundaries, as needed.
  • Secure safety of all children while under your supervision
  • Support staff with follow-up phone calls
  • Remind participants of upcoming sessions
  • Check-in with families to see if they have any questions
  • Support facilitation of program during the evenings.
  • Complete debriefing with co-facilitators and staff.
  • Complete End of Session surveys, for funder.

Purpose of the Internship

Purpose of the Internship: The purpose of this internship would be to provide an opportunity to learn new skills. Our goal is to provide high quality internship opportunities for all students. Interns could learn about:

  • Providing high quality to the community
  • Importance of follow-up and communication with participants
  • Facilitation skills
  • Funder requirements
  • Trauma-Informed approaches
  • Importance of being Flexible.

Agency Minimum Qualifications

3.0 GPA, Level one finger clearance card

Agency Preferred Qualifications

Experience working with children in any capacity, good communication skills, Flexibility with schedule

How to Apply

If interested, please send resume to Crystal Narcho. At that time she will follow-up with an application for you to fill.

Expected Contact: We will contact you within a week after receiving an email about your interest in an internship opportunity.

Contact Person:

Sarah Reed, 

Agency/Organization Website link: