Pima Prevention Partnership’s Youth Bridges Mentoring Programs

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Pima Prevention Partnership’s Youth Bridges Mentoring Programs


Internship: Unpaid

Interns will be assigned to mentor three clients who are enrolled in Pima Prevention Partnership’s Youth Bridges Mentoring Programs. We currently have two openings for this position for two male students.

Internship Available

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Spring


At least 2 weeks before the enrollment term.


  • Interns will be required to undergo a background check and complete related forms provided by Pima Prevention Partnership’s Human Resource department.
  • Interns will complete an interview and a single, 6 hour training.
  • Interns must not have any prior criminal adult charges or be using any illegal substances.
  • Interns must be at least 20 years of age.


Interns will have a unique work experience within a program that straddles both the social services and juvenile justice arenas. Specifically, each intern will serve as mentor to three juvenile justice-involved youths that are also engaged in a variety of social and behavioral wellness services. Interns will meet with their assigned youth once a week and engage in a pro-social activity. These activities may be recreational, vocational, educational or therapeutic. Furthermore, in their role as mentors, interns will learn about how juvenile justice institutions work with community-based youth services organizations to promote community safety while improving the quality of life for justice-impacted youths. Additionally, student interns will learn about methods for conducting outreach and recruitment activities as part of an agency dependent on volunteers for service delivery.


After being assigned to their youth, the intern will be responsible for setting up and coordinating meetings with their youth, communicating with their internship coordinator, and engaging in supplemental learning activities including outreach events, and collaborator meetings with representatives from juvenile justice. Our mentoring agency will provide weekly and monthly opportunities to engage in pro-social activities.


It is anticipated that the mentorship will require between 4-7 hours a week. Because of this, and evidence based mentoring practices this mentorship will be prolonged into the summer. Interns will complete the Spring Semester with an incomplete and then receive credit for their internship in July after they have completed the required amount of hours.