Pima County Legal Advocate’s Office

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Pima County Legal Advocate’s Office


The Pima County Legal Advocate’s Office represents individuals charged with a criminal offense who cannot afford an attorney.

Internship Available

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Spring


At least 3 months before the enrollment term, but applying a couple months in advance would increase the chance a position is still available.

Internship Description: Unpaid

Student interns will assist attorneys and their staff with the day-to-day duties of the law office. Tasks will vary but may include:

  • Reading and summarizing police reports and other disclosure
  • Reviewing and summarizing media such as video, audio recordings, and photos
  • Visiting clients in Jail to get info from clients or share disclosure with clients (Jail clearance required)
  • Helping prepare mitigation materials for plea negotiations and sentencings
  • Other tasks necessary in operating a public criminal defense office

Purpose of the Internship

Student interns will gain experience in working in a public criminal defense office and gain knowledge by working on actual cases. Students will learn about how the criminal justice system works and develop skills integral to the practice of law, including case analysis, client communications, and mitigation preparation.

Agency Minimum Qualifications

Ability to get along well with others; flexibility; interest in criminal defense.

Agency Preferred Qualifications

Experience working with disadvantaged people, including those who are indigent, have mental health issues, or have problems with drug or alcohol abuse.

How to apply

Email cover letter and resume to Kevin.Burke@pima.gov