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Ironwood Tree Experience (ITE) is a Tucson non-profit organization. Our mission is: to create healthy and resilient communities, ITE makes it possible for young people to engage with the natural world and be stewards of the environment. 

We rely on our partnerships with both government and other non-profit agencies to provide meaningful and fun programs for youth.  We have many opportunities for university students to become part of our community to learn more about non-profit operations and program development.

Internship Available

  • Summer - No
  • Fall - Yes
  • Spring - Yes


Apply at least a month before each semester begins

Internship Description: Unpaid (may be opportunity for federal work study)

The Development Assistant intern will collaborate directly with our Executive Director on grants research and writing/editing; events planning; database maintenance and other duties as agreed upon (depending on the interests of students and needs of organization). ITE can accommodate your hours and work with you on obtaining credit for class.

Purpose of the Internship

  • ITE is a vibrant non-profit organization with many strong ties to the Tucson community

  • To continue to grow and to expand our ability to include more youth, we rely on our support from the community, including interns and volunteers

  • There are many opportunities for interns to collaborate on projects that will both benefit them as learning and networking experiences and benefit ITE, as there is still much opportunity for the organization to develop and grow

Agency Minimum Qualifications 

Interns will require a background check if working directly with youth.

Agency Preferred Qualifications

Experience in a non-profit setting (grants/database/events); experience with environmental-related programming

How to Apply

Go to

Or email: