Innovate UA

Sponsor Organization

University of Arizona


Innovate UA is a semester-long intensive apprenticeship program in Spring 2019. The twelve Student Design Group members are trained in group facilitation, data collection/synthesis, and creative, collaborative problem-solving strategies. The Student Design Group have hands-on opportunities to apply their skills through real projects provided by our campus clients. This semester’s projects include working alongside UITS and UA Global to improve the user experience of student-facing technologies and reimagine a physical space respectively. Through these projects, the Student Design Group seeks out the experience and opinion of their peers to influence major campus and community initiatives.

The Innovate UA Student Design Group will…

  • Work collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary team on real-world projects that make an impact on & off campus
  • Gain experience in addressing complex problems using design thinking, lean startup, systems thinking and other creative problem-solving strategies
  • Collect and synthesize stories, qualitative, and quantitative data
  • Co-design and facilitate pop-up learning experiences to engage other students and enhance the creative problem capacity of their peers
  • Build their personal network both on & off campus
  • Receive personalized leadership coaching from campus & community mentors
  • Differentiate themselves in a hyper-competitive job market by creating a portfolio of work to demonstrate ability to future employers

Internship Available

  • Fall
  • Spring


Fall: June 30
October 31

Purpose of the internship

Innovate UA will provide accessible and meaningful opportunities for students to take on the role of innovation ecosystem builders and learn alongside their peers. A thriving ecosystem relies on its people to create a flow of talent, information, and resources. As a result, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The programs under this initiative endeavor to foster such an ecosystem by:

  • Creating hands-on learning opportunities for students to practice in-demand skills
  • Building generative partnerships across campus and the community
  • Engaging employers and alumni to build the network of student participants
  • Documenting and sharing the successes and failures of the initiative to inspire and inform others through our learnings

How to apply

Completed resume and creative cover letter.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Carly Croman,