City of Tucson - Office of Equal Opportunities

Sponsor Organization

City of Tucson


City of Tucson has various departments, programs and services that may be of interest to student unpaid interns. The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs (OEOP) partners with the U of A for internship opportunities.

Internship Available

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Spring


At least 2 weeks before the enrollment term.

Internship Description: Unpaid

  • Meet & Greet City Officials, Employees and Citizens
  • Meeting with HR Department / Liaisons to Review Policies and Practices
  • Assist with revisions to Administrative Directives and other policies
  • Attend Commission on Disability Issues meetings & subcommittee meetings
  • Develop enhanced outreach program to community for diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Benchmark other jurisdictions – process and resources
  • Assist in development of metrics for OEOP
  • Assist with Mediation logistics
  • Access Data Entry & Reporting software
  • Assist with LEP/ADA Liaisons Meetings

Purpose of the internship

Assist with various functions of the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs (OEOP) including complaint intakes, investigations and communications with complainants. Planning and delivering training and educational sessions for employees. Attendance at Commission meetings to provide them assistance. Research best practices and assist with project planning and implementation.

How to apply

Please apply through the City’s employment page and contact Human Resources; Completed application and/or resume, cover letter required. Background check may be required based on department placement.