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Alliance for Global Justice


It is the mission of the Alliance for Global Justice to achieve social change and economic justice by helping to build a stronger more unified grassroots movement. We recognize that the concentration of wealth and power is the root cause of oppression requiring us to work together across ideologies, issues and communities. The Alliance nurtures organizations seeking fundamental change in international and national conditions that disempower people, create disparities in access to wealth and power, poison the earth, and plunder its resources.

Internship Available

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Spring


At least 2 weeks before the start of the enrollment term.

Internship Description:  Unpaid

Internships generally fall into the following categories:

  • Research and writing projects that fall within one of our current project areas.
  • Help to organize tours and delegations with our Latin American partners
  • Help to organize advocacy campaigns related to one of our project areas
  • Translation, especially English to Spanish and Spanish to English.
  • Data Entry
  • Website and social media development
  • Graphic design in support of projects and campaigns

Purpose of the Internship

Internships help the Alliance for Global Justice infuse our organization with fresh and new perspectives. An AfGJ internship can be helpful to the student in a variety of ways, including but not limited to the following:

  • Development of research skills outside of an academic setting, and thus seeing how they are useful not only to study and extrapolation, but to building grassroots efforts and movements;
  • Application of the tools of academia while getting out of the academic bubble and translating and packaging findings and studies into something communicable and actionable in broader society;

Agency Minimum Qualifications

Vary depending on the projects involved, and have to be assessed one by one.

Agency Preferred Qualifications

Some level of competency in Spanish is always helpful and encouraged, though not required. Ability to speak or read Portuguese, Haitian Kreyol, or French is also potentially useful, also major indigenous languages in areas of focus. We can use students with a good background in research and writing. Students who are interested in organizing and mobilizing advocacy campaigns are especially wanted.

How to Apply

Prospective interns should send a cover letter to James Jordan at with a little about their own background, what they are studying, what languages they may speak in addition to English, what projects they are most interested in and why (include two from our website), the dates for the internship. We also ask for a short writing sample in English, Spanish, or both.