Careers in Public Management and Policy

Careers in Public Management and Policy

Public Management and Policy majors qualify for many different careers in public sector organizations, including, but not limited to, careers in law enforcement, national security, local, state, and federal government, nonprofit organizations, environmental policy, and health care policy.  Many of our graduates sought and attained positions in local, state, and federal government agencies, non-profit organizations, political campaigns and offices, and businesses.  Our graduates have also gone on to attain advanced degrees in Law, Public Policy, Sociology, Public Administration, Social Work, and Political Science..

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)

The U.S. Department of Labor provides the OOH to help you find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations.

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

Many different professions can suit your skills, interests, and goals. You can learn about 140 different industries, careeer fields, and thousands of professions at this site accesible through the UA Library.