Available Internships

SGPP Requirements - internships must be at government agencies or nonprofit organizations.

Criminal Justice and Public Management & Policy majors are REQUIRED to complete a 3 unit internship.                     
  • Criminal Justice students must find an internship directly related to their field.

  • Public Management & Policy students can intern at any nonprofit or government agency.

  • Double majors in CJS & PMPC must complete an internship for each major. In certain circumstances, this can be accomplished by doing a 6 credit internship at one organization.

Political Science, BA in Law and SGPP minors are encouraged to enroll in internships for upper division elective credit. 

Students: For additional internship opportunities, see UA's Career Services website.

Employers: If you are interested in posting internship information to our website, please contact Susan Warren, the SGPP Internship Coordinator.

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