Transferring Credits from Colleges and Exams (AP, IB, CLEP), Class Standing

1. I have AP credits, CLEP credits, and also some community college credits I earned while I was in high school. Will all of these be elective credits, or can they be used to fulfill general education requirements, and/or major and minor requirements?

  • It is possible that some credits may fulfill general education requirements, major requirements or minor requirements. You need to meet with your advisor to determine which requirements are satisfied by your transferred credits.  Please make an appointment with your advisor.  If you are a brand new transfer student, you must attend a New Transfer Student Orientation.

2. This is my first year at the University of Arizona, but I am considered a sophomore. How does class standing work?

  • Class Standing is determined by the number of credits you have completed.
  • Freshman 0-29 units completed
  • Sophomore 30-59 units completed
  • Junior 60-89 units completed
  • Senior 90+ units completed

3. Can I take summer classes at another college or university that will count toward my degree at UA?

  • Yes, you may take classes at another college or university to fulfill University of Arizona requirements. If the college is within the state of Arizona, refer to the Course Equivalency Guide online to see if a course is transferrable.  If the college is outside of Arizona, you must complete the Transfer Credit Pre-approval Form to verify that the institution is an accredited University or College, and you need to meet with your advisor to find out how the transfer courses will apply to your degree program. You must receive a "C" or better in order to have the credit transferred to the University of Arizona.

4.  What is AGEC?

  • AGEC stands for Arizona General Education Curriculum. It is a common structure of general education classes that can be taken at an Arizona Community College and used to fulfill University General Education requirements. The AGEC is a minimum of 35 semester units of lower division general education courses. AGEC completion fulfills all lower-division general education requirements such as Composition, Mathematics, Tier 1 and Tier 2. AGEC does not cover Second Language requirements or prerequisites for specific majors or minors even though these classes may be available at a community college and may transfer. To be sure a class taken at a community college transfers, please refer to the Course Equivalency Guide or speak with an advisor.

5.  How do I know if a class I have taken at a community college will transfer to the UA?

  • Use the Course Equivalency Guide. Contact your advisor before registering to ensure it is the correct course.

6. I have AP credits, how do they transfer?

  • AP credits can fulfill many University requirements including general education, major, or minor requirements.  Please contact your advisor to ensure the courses are correctly substituted for UA courses.

7. Where do I send my transcript from other colleges or universities?

  • For Continuing Students:
  • Transfer Evaluation
    Office of Curriculum & Registration
    The University of Arizona
    P.O. Box 210066
    Tucson, AZ 85721-0066
    *If you are a graduating senior please hand deliver your official, sealed transcript to your Graduation Services Advisor.

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